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Past events: 1989, 1997, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2008, 2011 and 2015.

San Diego, CA to Tybee Island, GA

Arrive: San Diego, CA Saturday, September 9th

27 riding days 2,876 miles 107 miles per day

We start the tour riding a new route with a 75 mile day to the tourist town of Julian, CA. in the Vulcan Mountains. Our next three days cross the desert are planned with 65-110 miles distances that include plenty of ice and support.

The days climbing the mountains of Arizona offer some of the best scenery and challenging riding of the tour. The climbs up Yarnell Hill and Mingus Mountain are both memorable accomplishments. We will include plenty of local history across New Mexico and riding on old sections of Route 66 in Texas and Oklahoma.

We stay at several upscale resort hotels including the La Posada Harvey House in Williams, AZ and the Talimena Lodge in Arkansas.  Each day offers new and different terrain as we cross the country.  This  tour is a good highlight for your cycling season while riding from Coast to Coast.


Depart: Saturday, October 7th, Tybee Island, GA

2017 Southern Transcon September 9th to October 7th

PAC Tour Difficulty Rating

This is a new rating system to help you compare different PAC Tour events. For example: One hundred feet of vertical climbing is equal to about one mile of riding distance. We have also considered other variable such asriding in prolonged heat over 85 degrees and other geographic challenges. This rating system is not exact because the same tour from year to year will always have variations in wind, rain and other factors.  We have also included the "Weirdness Factor" which can make a tour more challenging such as riding in the high elevations of Peru or the rough roads on Route 66.

Mileage + Climbing (100'=1 pt.) + (heat, wind, other challenges)

PAC Tour Difficulty Rating: 8 out of 10

Suggested riding speed 13-17 mph including stops


250 points = 10 ranking

Elite Tour

200 points = 8 ranking

Northern Transcontinental

150 points = 6 ranking

Southern Transcontinental

100 points = 4 rankin

Desert Camp Century Week

50 points = 2 ranking

Historic Hotels Week
Southern Transcontinental Tour 2017
Prices are from 2017 and will be higher for 2020
Under 18 registered riders $7,000
19-20 = $6,800
21-22 = $6,600
23-24 = $6,400
25-26 = $6,200
27-28 = $6,000
29-34 = $5,800
35 and over = $5,600
Single supplement is additional = $2,200
Southern Partial Tour Options
Partial tour riders will not be included in the rider count.
Partial riders do receive a jersey, t shirt water bottles and a gearbag.
Prices are from 2017 and will be higher for 2020
Western States
San Diego, CA to Amarillo, TX
12 riding days, 13 nights   1,275 miles
$4,500 with single room
Sign up with a roommate and save $1000 per person
Eastern States
Amarillo, TX to Tybee Island, GA
15 riding days, 16 nights    1,605 miles
$4,500 with single room
Sign up with a roommate and save $1000 per person
Partial Tour prices include motel costs arriving the night the tour arrives
in each town and departing the day the tour leaves each town.

Current Payment Incentives

Pay $500 by December 1st and receive a Historic Lon & Susan DVD set that includes 6 hours of television documentaries from their cross country cycling records. You will also receive a new PAC Tour cycling hat made from Cool-Max fabric with the classic Red, Yellow and Black PAC Tour design or take a $30 credit.

Pay $1000 on March 1st and receive a PAC Tour commemorative from in stock items that may include – Columbia Travel shirts, Sierra Design Micro Jackets, REI Flashbags and/or Columbia Fleece Jacket.

Rider count is taken 60 days before the start date of the tour and then final payments can be calculated and paid.  PAC Tour will notify registered riders of the final costs for each tour.

PAC Tour will ship you a gear bag and water bottles - plus any early payment incentive sometime before the tour (one month before at the latest)