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Lon Haldeman and Susan Notorangelo are working with area ALS Chapters to form a fund in the memory of their daughter Ericka Notorangelo Haldeman who passed away from infantile Lou Gehrig's Disease when she was less than 11 months old.

Ericka was diagnosed when she was one month old. The doctors told Lon and Susan that she had a poor chance of celebrating her first birthday. The disease stole all her muscle tone so she never sat up or turned over but she could sure smile.

Ericka passed away February 15, 1992. During her short life, she traveled with PAC Tour on the Ridge of the Rockies, the Race Across AMerica and the Southern Transcontinental Tour.

The purpose of the fund is to raise money to find a cure and to bring awareness to ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). This disease can affect men and women of all ages. Life expectancy after being diagnosed is one to 10 years. Currently there is no cure for ALS. There is no profile of who will get the disease. A healthy person can suddenly be stricken by ALS.

The goal of the Ericka Notorangelo Haldeman Fund is to raise $100,0000 for ALS research. During a typical PAC Tour season riders will accumulate about 250,000 miles of event miles traveled. Our goal is to raise 10 cents per PAC Tour mile or about $20,000 per year.

Riders can make voluntary donations directly to the ALS Chapter in the name of the Ericka Notorangelo Haldeman.

Donations amounts will vary from $50 for 500 miles ridden at Desert Camp to $300 for a cross country tour. PAC Tour riders not riding with us this year are always welcome to donate as well. 100% of all donations go directly to the ALS Association..

Your donation in memory of Ericka Notorangelo Haldeman benefits research through The ALS Association. We thank everyone who dontes to this great cause.

Connect to the ALS web page for the Million Mile Challenge

On the ALS website you are able to view current donors and see the financial progress that is being made.

Info Page about Million Mile Challenge and Ericka

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