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Going to Ghana · · December 2nd -December 14th, 2021

The following are a lot of the details about our tour to Ghana, Africa next November. Please review the information and decide if this is a tour you would like to join.

I know this is a lot of information but we wanted you to have all the facts to help you make a decision to join this tour or scare you away.

Read about Bike Options, Airline Flights, Visa, Vaccinations, Meals and Snacks, and Local Riders

We need at least 8 riders to pay for the support vans and other expenses to make this tour possible. The price will drop proportionately if we have 12 riders. The limit will be about 15 riders.

Please review the enclosed details and decide if this tour is something you would like to do.

Daily Itinerary Ghana Tour Schedule

Our cycling route will mainly be in the southeast corner of Ghana located between the huge Volta Reservior Lake and border of the country of Togo. This area is rural with some unique geographical highlights such as the highest mountain range in Ghana and several waterfalls. Our cycling route travels about 508 kilometers during 7 riding days going 75 KM (about 50 miles) per day. The longest day is 104 KM (63 miles) all on pavement and the shortest day is 42 KM (26 miles) on mostly hard packed dirt roads). Our riding schedule should fit into 5 or 6 hours each day including rest stops and lunch. The temperatures tend to be warm near 85 F degrees so we will try to do most of our riding in the morning.

Hotels Description of Hotels

We chose hotels and resorts that could accommodate a nice size group. Our hotels have air conditioning, showers, swimming pools and restaurants. Some nights everyone will have a single room because the hotels do not have double rooms. Many times our hotels and resorts are within walking distance of the hustle and bustle of downtown which are interesting places to visit the local people. During the day there will be a lot of adventure travel while cycling in Ghana. Our hotels will be a nice quite place to relax and return to a normal lifestyle.

Cultural Side Trips Cultural Sites

In addition to our cycling we will have the opportunity to experience many interesting cultural and historic places in Ghana. When we arrive in Accra we will visit several museums and cultural centers that will give you some back ground about the history of Ghana. The jungle walk to Wli (Willie) Falls and wading in the pools is a nice way to spend a hot afternoon. The climb up Afadjato Mountain is a strenuous 3 hour round trip but the views from the top are worth it. Our final two days we will visit the forts and castles along Cape Coast which were notorious for promoting the slave trade in the 1600 and 1700s. We end the tour with a jungle walk on the canopy walk in the National Park. All these experiences will make the tour more than a bike ride.

Bikes to Bring Roads in Ghana

You have three options about bringing or using a bike for the tour. Because of the occasional rough roads your bike should be good for gravel roads. Hybrid “gravel bikes” with 32mm or 40mm tires would work. Mountain bikes with 26 x 1.75 tires and street tread would be good also. The roads are not any worse than our Route 66 Tours where we use 32mm tires but you might want wider tires for the added comfort.

What is Included or not included Read about what is included and not included

Tour Costs and Payment due dates to follow Costs and Payment dates

Email Lon for a registration form or for any questions.

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