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Hall of Fame

Riders who have done 10,000 miles or more on a cross country PAC Tour earn a Hall of Fame jersey. To get your jersey you must report your mileage to PAC Tour Headquarters before the tour on which you anticipate exceeding 10,000 miles. There is also a special award for riders who achieve 20,000 PAC Tour miles. To compute your miles, add the offical mileage for each of the tours you have participated in. Crew members add the entire tour, not just the miles ridden. You can find the mileage on the back of your tour t-shirt or on the itinerary hand outs you received at the tour. For more recent tours, the mileage and itinerary are on this web site.

If you are already on this list, you can update the mileage here by sending an email to the webmaster. If you have a jersey but are not on this list, please email the webmaster! (don't forget to send your home town and a photo)

Click here for PDF list of inductees!