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Ultra Marathon Cycling Association -- Information on all your long distance cycling!! Note: This gives you directions on how to subscribe to the Ultra Cycling Forum on the Internet to be kept up to date on all of the latest in the world of Ultra Cycling every day in your E-Mail In-Box.

Randonneurs USA (RUSA) -- the bicyclist's resource for information about randonneuring in the USA.

Crooked Letter Cycling - a Mississippi cycling resorce by PAC Tour rider Michelle Williams

California Triple Crown Web Site -- Winners in the prestigious California Triple Crown are the elite Long Distance Bicyclists in California since they have completed at least three Double Centuries in that year. This site was created by Chuck Bramwell, the Executive Director of the California Triple Crown has ridden PAC Tour a bunch!

Rebecca Haldeman 200 Days of Ashram Bliss

Local Links

Bike Federation of Wisconsin -- Working in Wisconsin to make cycling convenient, safe, accessible and fun.
The League of Illinois Bicyclists -- is the primary source of information for Illinois bicyclists.