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Training Tips for Pac Tour
by Anna Robic

1. Veterans have found it better to save up their limited training time and ride longer days over 75 miles two times per week instead of short rides everyday.

2. Begin some of your training rides at sunrise. Ride in the heat, rain and wind and be use to a variety of weather conditions.

3. Participate in several weekend group events and be comfortable riding with others. Most PAC Tour participants ride in groups with 3-4 other riders.

4. Use the bike you will be riding on PAC Tour during your longer training events. Get your arm supports, shoes and saddle adjusted before the tour.

5. Ride back-to-back long days over 100 miles as often as possible, but stay within your weekly mileage goal. Riding consecutive long hard days in training is the key to feeling good on PAC Tour.

6. Be comfortable training 200-350 miles per week for the ten weeks before the tour. Get ready gradually...during our cross country tour you will ride 900 miles per week.

7. Don't forget your speed...each workout should include some rolling hills to sprint up, some farm dogs that chase or some fast tail wind sections to help you push a big gear.

8. Ride 200 miles in less that 14 hours at least twice before the tour. Warning: this is a minimum standard. Most PAC Tour riders can ride it in under twelve hours and some can ride 200 miles in under ten hours in preparation for their coast to coast event.

9. If you develope hot foot during training you may want to review Lon's suggestions on relieving foot pain.


Three Months Before PAC Tour:

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