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2020 Desert Camp Camp has not been canceled as of 3/14/2020 We are taking measures to keep everything cleaner.

Historical Towns and Hotel Week

200K Brevets in Arizona during late February and March

Brevet Registration is now open.

Route 66 Eastern States May 28th to June 13th Two places left in shared rooms -- one female one male!


Southern Transcontinental - September 8 to Oct. 6th

1/2 tour available from Amarillo to Tybee. Male room shared open. otherwise the Tour is completely full.

Ghana, Africa November

Cycling and cultural experiences 13 Days including travel days

Andes to the Amazon July

Lon is going to Peru to help the Peru Women's National Team conduct a cycling tour to help them raise money so they can continue to race. You can join Lon and the women in this adventure.

please read policy update on Register page

PAC Upcoming Events :

Interested in making a financial contribution to Global Outreach that support these Peruvian schools: Joe Pulley School and the Jack Wolf School.

2016 Recap Global Outreach Fund

Send Us Your Old bike kits and parts!