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Registration for 2022 Events!

Western Route 66 Photo page!
Eastern Mountains Tour September

Eastern Mountains Tour Full

Join a waiting list for an opening! Email Susan today!

Lon is working with the Peruvian Women's Cycling Team to offer an Amazon Bike tour Oct. 26th to Nov. 8

Contact Lon for more information!


Please read if you are bringing an E-Bike on PAC Tour


Proposed PAC Tour Schedule for 2023

Registration opens fall of 2022

Arizona Desert Camp 2023

Historical Week

Century Week

10 Day Mountain Tour
Eastern Route 66 April
Northern Transcontinental mid to late Summer 2023

PAC Upcoming Events :

Altruistic PAC Tour Connections

In 2020, PAC Tour created a fund raising goal of $100,000 for ALS in memory their daughter - Ericka Notorangelo Haldeman. As of Jan 2022 - $30,000 has been donated. Read more about her life and then donate to ALS and the Million Mile Challenge!

Interested in making a financial contribution to Global Outreach that support these Peruvian schools -Joe Pulley School and the Jack Wolf School and the Ghana sewing project.

Send Old bike kits, bikes and gently used bicycle parts for Ghana and Peru Riders!